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It became known why Soviet missiles are able to break through the American missile defense systems "Patriot" and "THAAD"

The American air defense / missile defense systems were not ready to repel the attacks of Soviet cruise and ballistic missiles.

Against the background of a statement made by the American military publication The National Interest that Soviet supersonic cruise missiles are capable of penetrating areas protected by modern American Patriot and THAAD air defense / missile defense systems, it became known that the reason lies primarily in the use by the American military of modern technologies that are not designed to intercept missiles created in the 60-80s of the last century.

According to experts, the radars of American air defense / missile defense systems are not designed to intercept missiles, which for a number of reasons are considered obsolete. The use of other technologies in the development of air defense / missile defense systems does not allow effectively detecting flying targets, and therefore, the Houthis very effectively strike with modernized Soviet cruise and ballistic missiles, and during the latest Iranian missile attack on American military air bases, American air defense / missile defense systems could not detect a single missile, not to mention the fact that no attempts were made to hit them either.

It is noteworthy that most of the missiles that are in the arsenal of Russia are a modernized version of Soviet weapons, as a result of which the American air defense / missile defense systems will be useless when repelling attacks.


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This is how it turns out, the air defense only sees what is new, glitters and sparkles, that is, glamorous, but does it turn away the old one, rusty with peeling paint,? Itself, they say, will fall, the arms do not want to get dirty ... That’s the excuse so excuse! Although there is some truth, because an ancient sailing ship made of wood is planed, STELS turns out! Sailed, boarding ... Progress is to blame!

Ballistic missiles can’t shoot down, how can the guided missiles shoot down? What kind of air defense is this tricky? In general, what is it from?

You're right. A purely logical question arises: why do we need missile defense systems if they cannot deal with obsolete means of attack? Any means of defense must a priori cope with the means of attack of the previous generation. But the S-125 created in the USSR in Yugoslavia tore all their templates, knocking down the latest F-117. This is how it should create a weapon - even if the previous generation of air defense, but shoots down the latest aircraft. I think the same can be said about the S-400 and S-500.

Yes, they were on the moon from the category, and so on, not when they didn’t bring down all their strength every 10 times; otherwise, we in Syria would have nothing to do there, not just talking about aircraft carriers more than 200 missiles on board, but ours I wouldn’t lie to them less than 50 and the ships themselves are less than black, they’re a fighter, but everything just there really isn’t fucking flying yao on engines similar to those in passenger rockets where they take engines, well, draw a conclusion

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It looks like a scene from the movie "White Sun of the Desert", when the henchman of the barmaley Abdullah, after a shameful flight from the customs officer out the window, said: "Yes, he has grenades of the wrong system!"
Now, for the American Patriot system, our old Soviet missiles turned out to be "The wrong system".

Goal for fiction is cunning! And the Americans, as they say, the case when the grief of the mind! But in the end - America’s missile defense, it turns out, is full of holes! The Americans are not protected from our missiles! And that means that we can easily destroy them, at a time!