Planning bomb


It became known why Israeli Spice 250 has no chance against C-300

The latest Israeli "smart bomb" has no chance against C-300.

Despite a number of media statements that after Israel’s use of the Spice 250 aircraft planning bombs, medium-range air defense systems, and this applies to the Russian C-300, there will not be a single chance to avoid destruction, Israel’s parties.

As the developer of the bomb Spice 250 notes, the key novelty of this bomb is the target identification system, which allegedly will not allow EW systems to render them useless. Nevertheless, as experts note, the Israeli “Spices” are just as useless against C-300, like most other missiles and planning bombs.

“In Israel, they got rid of the factor of installation of interference to global positioning systems, but the electronic filling remains unprotected - if the EW systems are located at a distance of less than 150 kilometers, they will simply burn the electronics of the bomb. Moreover, it is very foolish to say that Israeli “smart bombs” will cope with C-300 air defense systems, although they have not been used in conditions close to real ones before. ”, - said the analyst

Moreover, with a relatively short range of the flight of the Spice 250 bomb, the carrier aircraft will stray before they can attack their target.