US Air Force stealth bomber B-2 Spirit entered the zone of detection and destruction of Russian S-400 for the first time

Russian air defense systems S-400 will be tested on American "stealth" bombers.

Russia and Turkey can check the "invisibility" of the most secret and expensive American "stealth" bomber B-2 Spirit due to the appearance of three combat aircraft over the Mediterranean at once, which necessarily fall within the detection radius, and probably the destruction of the Russian S-400 complexes, which will be depend on the flight route of these aircraft.

A few hours ago, it became known that the US Air Force had deployed three of its B-2 Spirit strategic bombers to the Indian Ocean with an unknown target. Later, according to the "Operative Line" Telegram channel, it became known that the aircraft could appear over the Mediterranean Sea within a few days, one way or another being in the detection zone of the S-400 radars - in service with Russia or Turkey. however, in addition to this, three bombers can be identified and the Russian radar "Container", the range of which is enough to detect "stealth" anywhere in the Mediterranean.

“There is some reason to believe that the three B-2A, which flew halfway across the globe on the Whiteman - Diego Garcia route, will not stay long on Diego and will go home across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, thus completing the first ever circumnavigation of the globe. for this type of large and beautiful aircraft. Although in all fairness, it must be replaced that the working version that in the coming days the USAF and Global Strike command of the United States can organize a performance in the East Atlantic and Western Europe, without involving Diego boomerangs, is also taking place. ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Operative Line"

Factchiski, for the Russian military this is a unique opportunity to test the latest weapons on the most secret American aircraft carrying nuclear weapons.