Fighter F-35


The stealth coating of American F-35 fighters was damaged by sea water vapor

Sea water was detrimental to the stealth coating of American F-35 fighters.

American F-35 fighters were vulnerable to salty sea water and its vapors. As it became known, fifth-generation combat aircraft showed damage to the stealth coating after performing intensive flights over the sea surface, while fighters that are used on aircraft carriers suffered the most - even after relatively short campaigns by aircraft carrier strike groups, these combat aircraft already required serious repair.

At the moment, it is known that sea water vapor damages the stealth coating, as a result of which the latter simply peels off from the elements of the fuselage of a combat aircraft. Moreover, in some cases, even the absence of visible damage to the special coating caused problems - combat aircraft became visible to radars, which created an additional threat of detection by enemy air defense systems.

It is noteworthy that a similar situation is observed during the flight of fighters and through a thunderstorm front, where the wear of the stealth coating occurs even more intensively due to the accumulation of charge on the surface of the fuselage, which leads to serious erosion and requires additional maintenance, and in some cases and repair of combat aircraft.

This data is from four years ago. And they concern, most likely, experimental batches. If the defects are critical, then the aircraft will never be put into production.

This is a very old photo F22

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We can only share declassified data from June 4, 2018 received by POGO (Project On Government Oversight). In short, "As of January 2018, the aircraft had 966 critical deficiencies. 111 defects belong to the first category of complexity (can lead to death, serious injury, occupational diseases), and 855 - to the second (malfunction of individual structural elements and on-board systems )."

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