Blagoveshchensk Airport


Airfare from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow drop to 6400 rubles

Fly from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow it will be possible for 6400 rubles.

Due to the fact that the Federal Air Transport Agency approved the volume of subsidized air travel from the central part of the country to the Far East in the summer of this year, passengers will be able to fly in this direction for just 6400 rubles. Number of tickets subsidized by the state budget, of course, will be limited, however, this approach is clearly improve the quality of air traffic between remote cities of the Russian Federation. According to information in the current year subsidy program is expected to serve at the current routes about 447 thousand people, in this case, to carry out flights will be just three domestic carriers, including "VIM-Avia", "Icarus" and "Ural Airlines".


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