The cost of one American F-35 was 70 million dollars more expensive than the Su-57

The export version of the American F-35 costs almost 220 million dollars.

The fifth-generation American fighter F-35 was not only worse than the Russian Su-57 fighter of the same generation, but also $ 70 million more expensive. This is evidenced by the approved sale of US $ 23 billion by US military aircraft to Japan, which means that one combat vehicle will cost the Japanese budget more than $ 219 million.

“The United States approved the sale of 105 F-35 military aircraft to Japan for $ 23 billion, the Defense Cooperation Agency, part of the US Department of Defense, said. The Department of State concluded that this contract is in the interests of the United States, as it helps a major ally - Japan. The newest F-35s should replace the obsolete F-4 Phantom that were previously in service in Japan. "- This is reported by Russian media.

Previously, information appeared that the cost of the export version of the Russian Su-57 fighter should be about 140-150 million dollars, however, it is obvious that before concluding any contracts, it is not possible to establish the real price of one Russian combat vehicle, that nevertheless, it allows judging that the Russian stealth is a very serious competitor to the American fighter in terms of cost, not to mention the fact that it surpasses it in combat qualities.