The cost of the Russian strike drone "Okhotnik" amounted to 1 billion rubles - this is twice as much as that of the American RQ-170

Named the approximate cost of the Russian attack drone "Hunter" - it is two more than the American RQ-170.

On reportedly Vesti, the Russian company Sukhoi, intends to insure the domestic strike drone S-70 Okhotnik in the amount of 1.3 billion rubles, which, together with the sum of insurance of the ground control point, is almost 1,5 billion. rubles. According to experts, this may mean that the cost of a domestic attack drone is about 1 billion rubles, which exceeds the cost of the American RQ-170 impact drone by more than two times.

“The cost of serial samples of the latest S-70 impact drone (UAV“ Okhotnik ”) should be about 1 billion rubles per unit. In the meantime, Sukhoi insured a prototype of 1,5 billion. For comparison: the RQ-170 costs $ 6 million per unit (410 million rubles). At the same time, it is five times inferior in terms of take-off weight to the promising Russian "Hunter". Smaller and state-of-the-art RQ-180. Its value has not yet been named. It is known that the development and construction of several prototypes of this large UAV cost the Pentagon $ 400 million (27,4 billion rubles). The cost of the heavy reconnaissance RQ-4B Global Hawk, which regularly patrols at the borders of Russia, reaches $ 123 million apiece (8,4 billion rubles). They are not inferior in this indicator to the latest US manned fighter F-35 "- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

It should be clarified that at the moment the official cost of the Russian strike UAV “Okhotnik” is not disclosed, however, some information appeared earlier that in the process of developing a domestic drone, its cost unexpectedly increased significantly, although no confirmation was provided on this subject.

By insurance to judge the cost of the device? what nonsense, m. insure technology and know-how, in case of loss, what would be better to develop? :))) This is how the cost of launching the Union is estimated at the cost of places that Americans sell :))))