Stoltenberg ordered a massive deployment of troops to the Russian borders

The NATO Secretary General ordered the deployment of troops near the Russian borders.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ordered the deployment of a large number of NATO forces on two directions of the Russian border. According to the data voiced by the press service of the North Atlantic Alliance, the deployment of additional units in the Baltic Sea and the Baltic countries, as well as in the Black Sea, has begun. This probably means sending a large number of warships and combat aircraft to the region.

It is known that during an emergency NATO press conference held a few hours ago, Jens Stoltenberg announced that additional NATO forces would be sent to the Black Sea and Baltic regions. The exact number of the NATO Secretary General was not announced, however, we are probably talking about at least 10 thousand people, which is already quite a serious threat. At the moment, it remains unknown whether the US authorities will send their troops along the indicated course, however, if this happens, then the number of NATO troops here may increase several times.

It is noteworthy that despite the refusal of a number of countries to participate in any escalation against Russia, all NATO representatives confirmed their readiness to transfer their troops to the Russian western and southern sections of the border.

In turn, huge trainloads of American military equipment have already been seen in Poland and Romania, while three NATO warships moved towards the Black Sea - two Spanish warships and one US Navy missile destroyer.

Do you seriously want it?

It would be faster if we were already freed from the Russian Federation, so you want to live in a normal country! NATO only forward!

Well this is when Russia fought with NATO? Today, NATO consists of 32 countries, if suddenly Finland and Sweden agree to join, will it be 32. to declare war on them? It's like "hares mow the grass."

They will calm down only when, when every shell that falls in the Donbass, a rocket will fall on Washington.

What if there is an answer? How many nails will there be.

Well, how is that? Don't they understand human language? They are told to withdraw the troops and everything will be quiet and calm, but they aggravate. They probably want to take a sip.

here, nothing, on their continent, the Stalin Strait.

Is this a response to Russia's request for security guarantees?

And why, in order to make peace, they must be punched in the face? History teaches nothing.

The caretaker imagined himself a Bonaparte? The funny fate of Yavropa with such "commanders" :)

And why these forces, what will they decide in the modern conflict? Will they launch a bayonet attack? Infantry chains? What will be left of them after the exchange of missile strikes?

Good news!

The current events in Ukraine do not allow some NATO countries to calm down. In addition, they want to send military forces to the Black Sea and Baltic regions. American military equipment is moving in Poland and Romania. - For Russia, this is a sufficient threat. - Therefore, one must always be ready for provocations. --There were distant times when mercenary troops dressed in Russian uniforms and attacked the border guards, conducting military operations. For this, there is intelligence about the plans of the enemy and their intentions.

Let's live with what we have now.

Today it is difficult to bring down the arrogance of the NATO bloc.

Not the first time for Russia to stand against everyone -

Gather our native army for battle.

We still have a heroic spirit:

Let's break the circle of the evil enemy into pieces!

When there is a clash between NATO and the Russian Armed Forces, it turns out that the king - Jens Stoltenberg is naked and does not have modern weapons to protect the NATO countries. This will drive NATO's nail as structures into the coffin lid.

Our hawk Stoltenberg has lost his mind. We'll replace it soon.

In their pure field, let's see how this new standing on the Ugra will turn out ...

There is a reaction to every action.