Rocket Caliber


Oddities with Russian Caliber missiles - response to US withdrawal from INF Treaty

Russian Caliber cruise missiles are beginning to be transferred to the ground.

The idea of ​​transferring the Caliber Russian cruise missiles to a ground base was first voiced not so long ago. Despite the absence of any statements recently, it became known that the Russian company OKB "Novator", which is engaged in the development and creation of such weapons.

"Manufacturer" Caliber "Ekaterinburg OKB" Novator "expands capacity. In the near future, the company will open another workshop for the production of missiles. Construction is underway ”- reports "Telegram" community "Bulletin of air defense and air forces."

Considering the fact that until now, the Russian Caliber cruise missiles were used exclusively by the Russian Navy, increased production volumes may indicate a high demand for such missiles.

Moreover, earlier information appeared that it was planned to transfer Caliber missiles to the Iskander OTRK, which, in essence, would be Washington’s response to the United States withdrawing from the Treaty on medium and short-range missiles, but there were no official comments on this subject was not done

"Caliber" in various versions - the most massive Russian cruise missile.