NATO member states admit Ukraine and Georgia to military alliance

Ukraine and Georgia will become new members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

This information follows not only from the statement of the Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, but also from the reports following the summit in Brussels, where it is reported that the North Atlantic Alliance will provide Ukraine and Georgia with assistance in joining NATO in the near future, which obviously implies the implementation of two specified countries of certain conditions.

This information was also confirmed by US President Joseph Biden, noting, nevertheless, that the United States is glad to see Ukraine in the North Atlantic Alliance, however, at the moment, serious obstacles to Ukraine's entry into NATO are created by corruption in the country - as in the defense department of Ukraine. and in the government.

Experts note that if Ukraine and Georgia really become NATO members, this can create quite serious problems for Russia, since now the length of the border with the Alliance countries will increase several times, and this will lead to the need for additional deployment of forces, moreover, in a number of regions of their further build-up is very difficult. In particular, we are talking about the same Crimea.

Dear Irina, little Russia (Ukraine) has long been living in a parallel reality

Let him enter, we will recognize Donbass and introduce a hurricane, Pinocchio, S-400 and other toys that cover the EU sky.

Did Zelensky write the article by accident?)) "Accepted" and are going to accept - two big differences that even Georgia understands well, for example, since 2008)

Is the resource not funded by the West by any chance? Zelensky wants to join NATO so badly that he himself believed in his own wishes.

Enough of such false and provocative headlines! Where did you, the site admins, see the confirmation of what you wrote above? Nobody accepts anyone, not even invites and is afraid to do it, as the same Stoltenberg says in plain text that they do not need a nuclear war with Russia because of the unresolved territorial disputes between Ukraine and Georgia, which is a direct reference to Article 5 of the NATO Charter.

What is the problem? Resources go there, salaries are beggarly, the power is muddy.

Yeah, the day after tomorrow

Quite right !!!! And this resource is provocative. It is unlikely that Kiev and Tbilisi will become members of Noto, they are too problematic ...

It immediately becomes clear that the article is intended for ordinary people who know nothing about geopolitics. Without Ukraine's fulfillment of the conditions for eradicating the growth of Nazism and corruption, Ukraine may not even dream of joining NATO. Tbilisi, on the other hand, has internal political problems, and NATO is not the organization that will hang the burden of the internal problems of other countries on its neck.

Every time I am convinced that is a provocative resource. Nobody is going to accept Ukraine into NATO.
Zelensky's statements were removed under pressure from the Americans.

NATO is not yet considering the entry of Ukraine and Georgia into its ranks, the alliance is now focused on its reform. This was stated by the Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg.

Zakharova reacted to Zelensky's words about the invitation of Ukraine to NATO
“The main focus right now is on reform… The reality is that the focus now on (potential) membership, when it comes to Ukraine and Georgia, is focused on whether they meet NATO standards. That is why we are so supportive of the reform efforts and the continuation of modernization of defense and security institutions (of both countries). And this is the main topic and the main question when it comes to whether these countries are ready for membership or not. "- Stoltenberg

Again, another bone. After all, NATO said that they do not want to fight with Russia. And moreover, if many European countries leave the alliance, America will have to fight itself. But the truth is that there will still be some countries, but their army is weak.

something from the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 2, 2020 No. 355 "The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear weapons and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it and (or) its allies, as well as aggression against the Russian Federation with the use of conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened. "

So far, only Stolpenberg, and then only verbally. The NATO member states do not want to see either Georgia or especially Ukraine in their ranks. They have not yet received roadmaps for joining, and they are unlikely to receive them. But the statement is serious.

The alliance is coming to an end. I am glad.

As I understand the statements of NATO and the US State Department - this is a very serious application! Everything, in my opinion, is simple: the United States benefits from a war on the territory of the European Union (even with Russia). Weakening the European Union, Russia. The United States will get out of the crisis through the supply of weapons and food, as it was during the Second World War. The Middle East, and practically the entire east, is already weakened by them. China will remain! So they will take it into circulation after the destructive war in the West!

Misinterpretation of the NATO summit in Brussels ...
Any words about the admission to NATO of Georgia and Ukraine will be uttered endlessly ...
It is important to understand something else - the admission of these countries to NATO is a war with Russia!
And for NATO, this is suicide. That's the whole alignment.