President of Croatia


NATO countries spoke out against the admission of Finland to the Alliance

NATO members refuse to accept Finland into the Alliance.

Despite the fact that the NATO Secretary General supported the initiative of accepting Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance, today the NATO countries are already categorically against it. Earlier, Turkey expressed its unwillingness to see Sweden and Finland in NATO. However, for just a few hours, Croatia was categorically against this. This, with a high degree of probability, allows us to assert that the two Scandinavian countries will never become NATO members.

The President of Croatia severely criticized the position of the United States, Great Britain and Germany regarding the admission of Finland and, probably, Sweden to NATO, noting that all this is not aimed at rallying a military bloc, but at intensifying confrontation.

“Until the Americans, the British, the Germans, if they can and do not want to, force the people of Sarajevo and Bakir Izetbegovic, whose policy is not carried out from Brussels, but from somewhere else, to change the Electoral Law now and not give the Croats fundamental rights, the Croatian parliament will not must ratify someone's entry into NATO. Without the ratification of this agreement, there will be no new NATO members. What is our role here? Now people who haven't heard about it will hear about it. The American president or secretary will hear it. Let's see what they can do for Croatia. Enough. This is gross ignorance and neglect of one of the members of NATO and the EU and pushing through Croatia and all processes as aggressors. We are in a terrible situation right now. We now have a situation where Finland can suddenly join NATO, while Bulgaria and Romania cannot join the Schengen. Albania and Macedonia cannot start negotiations, Kosovo is not recognized", - said the President of Croatia Milanovic.

Obviously, further attempts by Finland and Sweden to join NATO will be severely suppressed by the current members of the Alliance, however, experts do not exclude that they will simply begin to put pressure on Croatia, for example, depriving it of any advantages, not only in NATO, but also in the EU.


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