NATO countries announced plans to block the Baltic Sea and establish control over the entrance to the Gulf of Finland

NATO countries want to block Russia's access to the Baltic Sea and establish control over the entrance to the Gulf of Finland.

At the moment, Estonia and Finland, which is just preparing to become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, are negotiating to establish joint control over the Baltic Sea, declaring that this region is controlled by NATO. Moreover, it is known that Finland and Estonia intend to combine their coastal, air and missile defense assets in order to gain control over the entrance to the Gulf of Finland.

Such dangerous actions on the part of Tallinn and Helsinki cause very serious concern, especially against the background of the fact that a little earlier three more states - Sweden, Norway and Denmark - declared their readiness to constantly keep their warships in the Baltic Sea in order to counter Russia.

““The range of Estonian and Finnish missiles exceeds the width of the Gulf of Finland. This means that we are unifying our missile defense,” says Hanno Pevkur. According to Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur, Finland and Estonia have agreed that, as members of NATO, Estonia and Finland will unite, among other things, their coastal defense. According to Pevkur, joint coastal defense can close the Gulf of Finland from Russian warships. In autumn and next year, a new defense plan for Estonia and the entire Baltic region will be drawn up. “The Baltic Sea is NATO's inland sea when Finland and Sweden joined NATO. The situation will change compared to what it is today,” the Estonian Minister of Defense added.”- сообщает Finnish newspaper Iltalehu.

The Russian side has not yet responded to such negotiations, however, obviously, the response will be quite tough, especially with the advent of a new type of hypersonic weapons in Russia.


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