CSTO countries refused to provide assistance to Armenia due to the situation on the border with Azerbaijan

The CSTO refused to provide assistance to Armenia because of the situation at the border.

Armenia will not be able to receive assistance from the CSTO countries due to the situation on the border with Azerbaijan. Information about this was announced by the Secretary General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas. He stressed that despite the tension on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the CSTO countries will not provide assistance to Armenia.

According to the CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas, the situation in the south of Armenia does not fall under the existing CSTO agreement. In this regard, the member states of the Collective Security Treaty will not provide any assistance to Yerevan, but at the same time they will monitor the situation.

“You have to understand that the potential of the CSTO is used only in case of aggression, attack [on one of the member countries]. Here we are dealing, in fact, with a border incident. There is a lot of work ahead on the border issue, the resolution of all these controversial issues, but they need to be resolved at the negotiating table ", - said Zas.

Experts, in turn, note that such a statement by Zas may be due to an attempt by the current CSTO secretary general to "cover up" relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan, since shortly before the armed conflict, the Belarusian side supplied weapons to Baku.

Earlier it became known that Azerbaijan transferred up to a thousand of its military personnel to the territory of Armenia.

Apparently the Belarusians have not yet digested black caviar, so they come up with reservations.

Some time ago, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Rudenko and the author of the EurAsEC idea, Professor Dugin / the one who warned and saved Erdogan half an hour before his arrest by the rebels / spoke almost openly about relations with Azerbaijan. “We handed over our strategic ally Armenia to you, now it’s your turn to join the CSTO and the EurAsEC ...

Naive people. They forgot the words of Peter the Great and Suvorov, “Don’t believe Turku”.

By surrendering a strategic ally in the person of Azerbaijan, they will not acquire a new ally, since, as the 44-day war showed, Azerbaijan completely renounced its sovereignty in favor of Turkey. It is very difficult for me to understand how Azerbaijan's vassal will be an ally of Russia.

As for Turkey. In relations with Turkey, the Russian leadership makes the same mistakes that Lenin did in the early 20s.

From 1920 to the end of 1922, at the direction of Lenin, 16.5 million gold rubles were donated to the Turks, which is approximately 8 tons of gold. In addition, again free of charge, dozens of echelons of weapons, warships of the Black Sea military fleet and a lot of other military equipment were transferred to the Turks.

From 1920 to 1922, there was a terrible famine in the Volga region, which killed up to 5 million people. Instead of buying food for the hungry with this money and property, they were donated to the Turks. ...

It seems that the Turks were supposed to be grateful to Russia.

However, no.

In the most difficult time of the Second World War, in 1942, Turkey announced mobilization and kept an 800.000 army on the border of the USSR and waited for the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad. Turkey itself asked to join NATO and took an active part in the Korean War in battles with Soviet troops. Turkey has deployed American missiles on its territory and staged the Cuban missile crisis, etc.

Turkey shot down a Russian plane and killed the pilot.

Turkey killed the Russian ambassador.

Turkey shot down a Russian helicopter and killed two pilots.

Turkey interfered in the second Karabakh war in the most impudent way. They removed everyone and the troops were commanded by Turkish generals. A variety of Turkish military units took part in the fighting, and Turkey deployed Syrian militants to Karabakh.

To serve the Turkish military and Syrian militants in Azerbaijan, Turkey has created several military bases.

So, when Erdogan talks about the construction of military bases, do not believe it, since he already has these bases on the territory of Azerbaijan.

NATO will never intervene in a border conflict. And the Armenians have only one dream - to drag Russia into the conflict at any cost.

And what, otherwise, could be expected from the mkrtvets (ODKB) .. only in NATO ... there their allies are not abandoned ..

With what potential in what capacity? NATO does not need beggars, and who will allow them to meddle there?

Armenia made its final choice in the last elections and is now heading towards NATO.



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