Bomber B-52


B-52 strategic bomber was unexpectedly spotted next to Russian military bases in Syria

An American strategic bomber was spotted next to Russian military bases in Syria.

A few hours ago, a Twitter user Manu gomez published evidence that an American strategic bomber B-52 flew alongside Russian military bases in Syria. It was possible to detect an American missile carrier capable of carrying nuclear weapons only at the moment when the latter followed the opposite course to Great Britain.

It is noteworthy that the American strategic bomber B-52 used a rather interesting technique of disguising itself from tracking systems, in particular, we are talking about the frequent change of callsigns, as well as the actual masking of the identification code - the “Plane Radar” system identified some sections of the sequence American bomber as a Swedish reconnaissance aircraft, which, by the way, was also seen near the Russian military air bases in Syria.

What exactly were the tasks carried out by the American strategic bomber, is still unknown, however, experts believe that the US Air Force practiced striking at Russian military facilities in the region.