Air cannon firing of the Russian Su-57 caused a furor on the web

Shooting from the aircraft cannons of the Russian Su-57 "blew up" the Network.

Photos of the firing tests of the aircraft cannons of the Russian Su-57 fighter appeared on the Web. Against the backdrop of the publication of these photographs, the web was incredibly delighted with the power of the Russian combat aircraft, which, it is claimed, will be able to gut any ground or air target in a split second.

In the photographs presented, you can see individual episodes of the shooting. The shooting itself lasted, probably, no more than a few seconds, however, during this time the aircraft cannon managed to shoot several hundred shells, and, judging by the accompanied flame weapon, any enemy in the event of a meeting with the Russian Su-57 will clearly not be good.

The web reacted very violently to the presented photos.

"In a split second, the Su-57 is able to turn an air target into a sieve - even good armor cannot save you from this."

"The Russians are able to gut everything that moves or does not move, and after that we dare to assert that the Su-57 is a bad plane ?!"

"All that the enemy can see is bursts of flame."

According to the information that journalists managed to find, the captured tests were carried out several years earlier.

Tongue wagging is not the same thing as airplanes do.

There is no way they can make a headlamp flashlight, and is it stealth?

Alas, in laboratories all over the world you can see all kinds of technical perfection, and that's why they are laboratories to attract sponsors. The main thing is mass production in large quantities, and here, alas, it seems impossible to do this, everything is so ruined that it’s scary to think. During the Second World War, aircraft technology was primitive, simple and made it possible to quickly establish mass production even in war conditions, now this is basically impossible, therefore, such aircraft are needed right now in large numbers, at least fifty percent of the number that is now in NATO. So in one fine moment we will wake up in another country, and a loudspeaker will sound outside the window (all residents of the village are being built to go out)

During firing in the parking lot, only 10 test projectiles are loaded into the cannon. There is only one cannon on the plane, and judging by its location, this cannon has been in operation for several decades.