Shooting of the Russian fighter "from the ground" hit the video

A video of the shooting of a Russian fighter "from the ground" appeared on the Web.

Netizens were amazed by the firing of a Russian fighter aircraft cannon on the ground. In a matter of seconds, a Russian combat aircraft could fire up to a hundred rounds.

In the presented video frames, which, by the way, as we managed to find out, appeared several years ago, the Russian combat aircraft, apparently, is either calibrating the sighting system, or discharging its guns. Within seconds, the fighter fired several hundred rounds, which delighted the Internet audience.

"While the fighter does" brrrr "for only a split second, dozens of shells fly out of the cannon and crush the target."

"You might think that only a couple of shots were fired, but here apparently a whole hundred shells were fired."

"To shoot from an aircraft cannon at ground targets - only Russians are capable of inventing such entertainment for themselves."

“I am sure that the joy of not only the pilots, but also those who filmed this video remained behind the scenes”

Where exactly these video frames were filmed is unknown.

They just shoot the gun. If my memory serves me and without looking at the Internet, the rate of fire is somewhere around 2000 rounds per minute. The usual procedure for gunsmiths.

Such firing is a routine procedure in the airfield shooting range. Only the plane is still attached with cables, the recoil is significant.