Ukrainian Armed Forces


Strelkov called the position of the LPR and DPR against the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine pathetic and hopeless

The former DPR Defense Ministry called the position of the forces of the self-proclaimed republics pathetic and shameful.

The former head of the defense department of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Igor Strelkov, said that the LDNR forces deployed against the Ukrainian army in Donbass are pitiful and have no chance of victory if the self-proclaimed republics start offensive.

“The people's militia is not doing so well. While the Ukrainian army was strengthening, its military budgets were growing, it was helped by instructors and equipment from the United States and Europe, the people's militia corps was in a miserable state and are in it to this day. Its number is not great. These are 7 brigades, 2 tank battalions and reinforcement units. There should be about 30 thousand people in the state. In reality, there are about 20 thousand of them, and the worst of all are the infantry units - those that must fight at the front. The rear and headquarters are almost completely staffed, "said the former head of the DPR Ministry of Defense Igor Strelkov.

As for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, today the Ukrainian army of 100 thousand people is concentrated in the Donbass, and judging by the statement of Strelkov, the self-proclaimed republics have far fewer armored vehicles in service than the representatives of the Luhansk People's Republic stated.

Russia earlier announced its readiness to ensure the security of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, however, how exactly such plans will be implemented remains unknown, although the Russian side has deployed additional forces of at least 8 thousand people to the borders of Ukraine.

Woe patriots in 1905 shouted yes we will tear Japan like a hot water bottle, Armenians recently shouted that Azerbaijan would win, eventually Tsushima and Karabakh. Strelkov has experience and people like you sofa experts have beer mazol.

Well, you see "GOSHA", we try here to comment on the technique and its application (AVIA), along the way we unwittingly touch upon the assumptions of strategies, but we are not engaged in politics - this means that it does not matter what status or rating someone has, if he is known and something already said, just a statement of fact.
By the way, I. Strelkov has a lot of subscribers and offers for video conversations and streams, as far as it really can be seen.

This Strelkov has long been miserable and hopeless.

This option will not work, Russia has already announced that it will protect its citizens in the event of an escalation of hostilities by Ukraine. The people will not forgive Putin if he does not help Donbas.

Strelkov did not say that there is no chance of winning. Said. which is really bad, that is, not as he sees it, the structure of defense and separation is organized. He also said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are waiting for losses and that the DNR will hold out for a while, and then it will be unpredictably deplorable ... Russia's assistance, in his opinion, should already begin ...
Russia does not need war, but it will not be able not to react, even if there is NATO. otherwise they will tear Russia apart with territorial claims, pressure from the liberals from the 5th column, and, moreover, the electorate, which is complimentary to the authorities, will turn away.

Putin, the main thing is that Israel would forgive, and Europe and America can be ignored))

How not cool. but it is said. that in Donbass with Russian passports. Modern hailstorms plus calibers in combination with electronic warfare can really "grind" and disorganize the Armed Forces of Ukraine remotely. And even 2-3 weeks and they will start scattering from the covid.

"the people will not forgive Putin." Well ? Only the Kremlin Nightingale believes in the Kremlin Chatterbox. BUT here the alignment is different: if the Chatterbox surrenders the Donbass, then Belarus will immediately fall. And this is a direct road to The Hague for Chatterbox. And this Chatterbox definitely does not want.

There will be no winners !!!!!

Most likely, the Armenian version will be worn out in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azeibajan recaptured his territory. And Ukraine too. Russia cannot intervene. First, it is a direct attack on Ukraine. Europe and America will not forgive this. Secondly, if Russia fights there, then Russian soldiers will die, and for no reason. And the people will not forgive Putin for this. Putin has a tough choice. WE'LL SEE. Time will tell.