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Construction of the Tu-214 has been delayed by a year - not a single aircraft was assembled in a year

The rollout dates for new series of Russian Tu-214 aircraft have been postponed to 2024, as сообщает BUSINESS Online, citing several aviation industry sources. Initially, plans envisaged the construction of three airliners as part of a comprehensive program for the development of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation until 2030 (KP), but at the moment only one of the planned aircraft has reached the final assembly shop.

Experts believe that such a delay in production is a natural outcome of the year, indicating the impossibility of meeting initial targets. It is indicated that the situation with Tupolev is not unique, and other manufacturers are experiencing similar problems.

The managing director of Tupolev confirmed the information about the postponement of the delivery of the aircraft to next year, noting that production is under high pressure, but there are certain delays. Earlier, in the middle of the year, it became known about the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin to allocate an amount of 214 billion rubles for the production of Tu-42 aircraft.

What exactly caused specific delays in the production of aircraft is unknown, however, given the rather difficult situation in the domestic air transportation sector, such delays can become serious problems.

Earlier it became known that the S7 company canceled all flights from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow from January 15. According to Kommersant, the reason for this was difficulties in servicing the Airbus A320/A321neo. According to media reports, the company cannot operate about 20% of the fleet, including 13 out of 39 aircraft Airbus A320/A321neo.


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