They got cold feet! Russian helicopters Mi-35 and Mi-8 put to flight American AH-64 Apache - video published

Two American AH-64 Apache attack helicopters fled after being chased by Russian Mi-35s.

Two American Apache attack helicopters, trying to prevent the Russian military from carrying out patrolling tasks in northern Syria, were forced to flee after the Mi-35 and Mi-8 multipurpose combat helicopters headed towards the American rotorcraft.

According to "Telegram", the community of the Russian information resource "Russian Spring", the information previously published by about the attempt of the American military to take revenge and attack the Russian military convoy does not correspond to reality. There were indeed attempts to interfere with patrolling, however, thanks to Russian pilots, they were quickly stopped, and American helicopters were put to flight.

“In fact, while patrolling by the military police of the province of Haseka, two AH-64 Apache attack helicopters tried to approach our convoy, thereby violating the agreements on interaction between our countries. In response, the crews of the Mi-35 and Mi-8 AMTSH helicopters accompanying our patrol stopped the provocation by sending their combat vehicles towards the uninvited guests. The Americans immediately retreated quickly, flying off a decent distance. Recall that the behavior of the US military has changed a lot after the high-profile incident with the ramming of the International MaxxPro armored vehicle by the military police armored personnel carrier, since then the US ground forces do not stand in the way of our patrols and prefer not even to appear in their eyes "- сообщает edition "Russian Spring".

Considering what happened, it should be noted that the Russians began to react rather harshly to the provocations of the American side, which is illegally in Syria.