A stewardess reveals a cunning and unusual way to thank the flight attendants after the flight

An Emirates flight attendant has revealed a clever way to thank the flight attendant after the flight.

An airline stewardess from the UAE has revealed one of the main secrets of how you can repay a flight attendant after a flight. Since flight attendants are forbidden to take tips, and the services of flight attendants in flight are often provided at a very high level, in connection with which passengers are very interested in the question of how one can thank flight attendants for their services, which was revealed by the flight attendant of Emirates Airline Sandra Ginny Kwon ...




According to the stewardess, after the flight, passengers may well thank the flight attendant with any present - it can be a souvenir, sweets, etc. According to Sandra, the very fact that the passengers were satisfied with the services during the flight is a good reward, however, if desired, gratitude in the form of any gift is allowed.

According to Sandra, she repeatedly had to receive gifts from passengers, and often they are all different - from small souvenirs to expensive jewelry, which, of course, is an extremely pleasant surprise for her.