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The stewardess shocked the behavior of Brazilian football fans

The behavior of football fans from Brazil was a shock to the Russian stewardess.

During the preparation for the flight from Rostov-on-Don to Moscow, the stewardess of the Russian air carrier was embarrassed by the unusual behavior of Brazilian football fans, who watched with interest the pre-flight briefing, having fun in every possible way with any actions of the flight attendant.

The actions of the flight attendant were accompanied by thunderous applause from the Brazilian fans, and the flight attendant clearly did not expect such a reaction. Nonetheless, the passengers on this unusual flight were most interested in the instruction on the use of a lifejacket, which was due to the display of a bright yellow color, in all likelihood associated with the color of the national team uniform among football fans. During the demonstration of how to use the lifejacket, Brazilian fans chanted the name of their country and showed support for their football team.

On the video footage shows that the stewardess did not expect such behavior from the football fans and was clearly shocked by this.

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