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Su-27 Russian Aerospace Forces raised on alert near the borders of Crimea

Russian Su-27 fighters had to go up on alert due to the American intruder aircraft.

An American military reconnaissance aircraft, equipped with electronic and electronic reconnaissance means capable of disrupting the operation of Russian air and missile defense systems, staged a provocation, attempting to violate the border of the Russian Federation from the Crimean peninsula. To intercept the intruder aircraft, fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces were raised into the sky, in particular, we are talking about two Su-27 fighters, upon the appearance of which the American military aircraft quickly went deep into the airspace over the Black Sea.

“Russian airspace control over the neutral waters of the Black Sea detected an air target approaching the Russian state border. A Su-27 fighter was raised into the air to intercept. To intercept the target, a Su-27 fighter was raised from the air defense (air defense) forces of the Southern Military District, RIA Novosti quotes the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation. It is noted that the Russian fighter from a safe distance identified the air object as the EP-3E "Aries" US Navy radio-technical reconnaissance aircraft ", - about it сообщает News.ru publication.

Judging by the available data, the American military aircraft really created a provocative situation, to which both Russian military aviation and air defense systems had to react, constantly monitoring the movement of the military aircraft