Su-35 protect Syrian bombers from Turkish F-16. Video

Russian Su-35 fighters began to defend Syrian aircraft from Turkish F-16.

At the disposal of the resource was a video recording of the moment where the Russian Su-35 fighter (according to eyewitnesses - 2 of the Su-35 fighter - ed.) Is protected by Syrian Su-22 combat aircraft and L-39 combat training aircraft from Turkish F-16 fighters. Actions take place in the southern province of Idlib and guarantee the complete safety of the Syrian Air Force during attacks on Khan Sheikhun.

It is reported that during any airstrike carried out by the Syrian Air Force, Russian fighters invariably accompany the Syrian Air Force aircraft, providing protection from Turkish F-16 fighters, which had previously attempted to enter airspace over Idlib, however. when the Russian aerospace forces appeared in the air, they were forced to turn around and retreat.

It should be clarified that the Turkish media continue to claim that the Russian airborne forces attacked the Turkish military convoy, while Turkish-backed militants report that the Syrian Su-22 and Russian fighters took part in the attacks, but there is no evidence to support this. the fact was so presented and was not.

Experts do not exclude that Turkey will try to provoke, however, according to unconfirmed reports, the Syrian military has already put its air defense systems on full alert.

Why do we need Turkish friends?