Su-57 will not be able to control the Okhotnik strike drone yet

The Russian Su-57 fighter is not yet able to control the Okhotnik drone.

Despite the information that appeared earlier that the domestic Su-57 fighter is capable of controlling at least two S-70 Okhotnik attack unmanned aerial vehicles, it became known that today such an option cannot be implemented, since for this a second crew member is required. According to a number of sources, the ability to control the Okhotnik drones from the cockpit of the Su-57 fighter will appear in a two-seat version of this combat aircraft.

As follows from the data provided by the source of "TASS" in the defense industry, the ability to control the S-70 "Okhotnik" drone will appear in the two-seat version of the fighter. In fact, this means that the drone is unlikely to be controlled in a fully autonomous mode - the presence of a co-pilot is necessary at least to confirm targets and adjust the strike. Moreover, according to the source, the new version of the Su-57 is supposed to control four attack drones at once.

“A two-seat command variant of the Su-57 will be created to control the latest Okhotnik drones. It is assumed that the fighter, which is already under development, will carry about four "Hunters"- said in the message.

It is not known when exactly the two-seat version of the Su-57 fighter is planned to be realized, however, according to various estimates, this may take up to two years.

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