Su-57 already flies with might and main with a new engine and quite successfully

Russian Su-57 fighters are actively testing the latest engine.

Contrary to information posted on the public procurement websiteAs reported the day before, the industrial director of the aviation cluster of Rostec state corporation Anatoly Serdyukov made a statement in which he emphasized that in reality, fifth-generation Russian fighters are already actively testing the latest “second stage” engine, called 30 product. "

“At present, bench engineering tests of a promising engine are ongoing, and testing is being conducted as part of a flying laboratory. In October, the next flight was performed with the product characteristics checked in different flight modes, including the operation of the rotary jet nozzle and the operation of the oil system under negative overloads. In total, 16 flights were completed at the flying laboratory »- quotes the words of Anatoly Serdyukov "TASS".

It should be clarified that the testing of the newest “30 product” has been carried out since the 2017 of the year, while experts believe that the tests of the new engine can be completed at the end of the 2020 of the year, although at the moment no official comments have been submitted by Rostec Corporation .

According to preliminary estimates, the new power plant will seriously increase the capabilities of the Russian combat aircraft, making it faster and more maneuverable.

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