Su-57 in action: the developers revealed the true raid of the Russian "stealth"

The Russian Su-57 has been flying for months, but nobody can detect it.

Despite the fact that the Russian Aerospace Forces have not yet received a single production sample of a fifth-generation Russian fighter, and information about this fighter began to appear in the media very rarely, it became known that in reality, a total of Su-57 fighters had already flown several months, and the fact that no one notices this plane can really indicate its clear superiority in the sky.

“Executive Director of Rostec Oleg Yevtushenko disclosed to RIA Novosti a Su-57 fighter attack. According to him, despite the loss of the aircraft, which was supposed to be the first production Su-57, deliveries of the fighter will take place “in accordance with the contract”. “These planes have already completed several thousand flights. The developers use the test results, as well as in this case, the results of the work of the commission to investigate the above incident in order to make the Su-57 an even more advanced complex, ”the manager said.- reports the publication "".

According to preliminary data, the first production model of the Su-57 fighter should be handed over to the Russian Air Force in May of this year, however, any details on this subject are not yet available, which causes very serious concern among specialists.

“If the disaster with the Su-57 was accidental, then this will not interfere with the supply of fighter aircraft to the arsenal of the airborne forces, but if it turns out that technical problems were to blame, then the implementation of the plan could be postponed for a month or six months”, - the analyst of draws attention.

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