Sudan denied the creation of a Russian naval base - the authorities say that no one gave Russia such a right

Sudan denied the creation of a Russian naval base.

The Sudanese authorities deny information that they gave permission to Russia to build a naval base in the country. Such information is provided by the media, referring to the information of Sudanese officials and deputies, emphasizing that the information is completely untrue, although negotiations on this matter were really conducted.

“The Polish press said that Sudanese Foreign Minister Omer Ismail knows nothing about plans to create a Russian military base. Given the difficult situation in the country, Gashchinsky is not surprised that the Foreign Minister does not have information about negotiations with Moscow on this issue. "I have no idea. I have no information about this. I am not in the country now, but at a conference in Nigeria, ”the head of the foreign affairs agency of this African country told Polish journalists. However, the military say that the treaty has not yet been approved. "The agreement has not been signed, it is still being considered," Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army Mohammed Osman al-Hussein told the Saudi TV channel Al Arabiya., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Military Review".

Experts draw attention to the fact that if an agreement between Russia and Sudan was not really reached, then this could be a very serious blow to the reputation of Russia, since after the appearance of information about the construction of a Russian naval base in Sudan, it was assumed that the Russian fleet could be very serious competition from the United States in this region, and the refusal of the Sudanese authorities will definitely lead to ridicule from Washington.