Sudan has not yet decided on the construction of a Russian military base

Sudan has not yet decided on the deployment of a Russian military base in the country.

Despite the earlier statement by the Sudanese authorities that the agreement on the construction of a naval base on the territory of the country, concluded earlier between Sudan and Russia, will be revised as soon as possible, it became known that so far Sudanese lawmakers have not taken a decision regarding the fate of the Russian military facility.

According to analysts, today the main problem for the Sudanese authorities is that the United States is also interested in military-technical cooperation with Sudan. Unlike Russia, the United States is ready to provide much larger funds for the construction of its naval base; moreover, an attempt to establish cooperation between Russia and Sudan may lead to the fact that the United States will impose sanctions against Sudan.

“The issue of building a Russian naval base in Sudan remains open. If the official Khartoum had no fears, then the construction of the Russian Navy base would already be in full swing, however, the current hitch raises concerns that the decision for Russia will be positive ", - the expert marks.

According to previously published data, the Sudanese authorities forced Russian military specialists already in the Sudan to leave the country and take away all equipment and weapons that were allegedly delivered to the country without approval.

Why should Russia offer more, the United States has not given anything yet, that's all in anticipation.

There is not even money to pay Sudan more than the United States.