General Romanenko


Crazy Romanenko proposed to seize part of Russia

Ukrainian general offered to seize part of Russia on occasion

Ukrainian General Igor Romanenko, answering readers' questions on the Glavred portal, appealed to them to wait for the right moment and capture a part of Russian territory.

Romanenko, who previously held the post of deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the Russian Federation could lose Siberia. Moreover, it may "fall apart altogether." True, for this to be “Certain conditions arise”. In that case, as the general is sure, Ukraine should take advantage of what will happen and act, "Like Russia and entered in 2014 year in relation to Ukraine".

“In Russia, the situation is much more complicated and difficult. But the kings are not up to it, they have their own interests and concerns - how to get rich and go down in history as a strong king, an alpha male. ”- summed up Romanenko.

Earlier, in November 2018, the general said that the Russian government was capable of taking such a step, at which it would close the Sea of ​​Azov for the ships of Ukraine. As a result, there will be a threat of a “big war” between countries. True, as Romanenko clarified, hostilities are not desirable for Kiev, since the Ukrainian army is not capable of delivering an equivalent strike to the Russian army.

Lip does not crack the general?