Launch ICBM Sarmat


The Sun: strike by heavy Russian Sarmat ICBM to destroy Great Britain

In the UK, there was a panic over the destructive power of the latest Russian Sarmat ICBM.

Against the background of the Russian heavy intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat, which is preparing to take up combat duty, which can carry a nuclear warhead with a capacity of 8 to 12 megatons, the UK announced that Russia could destroy the kingdom in just a few minutes, as a result of which any aggression from London against Moscow is completely unacceptable.

“The Kremlin emphasizes that the Sarmat missile, with a flight speed of 25550 kilometers per hour, is capable of delivering 10-15 warheads weighing up to 10 tons anywhere in the world, flying through both the North and South Poles. Its warheads have the ability to carry out maneuvers in the atmosphere along a completely unpredictable trajectory, due to which "the probability of overcoming all existing and future missile defense systems is absolute." Russia emphasizes that its Sarmat hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile (NATO classification Satan-2) can destroy Great Britain - it will enter service within a year, - said in the material of the British edition "The Sun".

In service with the UK, in fact, there are no effective means of anti-missile and air defense, and the likelihood that the British military will be able to reflect the impact of at least one heavy ICBM "Sarmat" is zero, and taking into account the fact that the ICBM and its warheads are capable of developing hypersonic speed, the territory of Great Britain will indeed be devastated with a 100% probability.

You are talking nonsense ...

"Great Britain actually does not have effective means of anti-missile and air defense" - it does not need this if it does not stick its long nose and arms in the direction of Russia.

Then it is not only children, hostages.

They can inflict a preemptive strike on themselves, because they have neither the ability nor the determination to strike it on Russia, and having kicked on their own to pretend to be dead, then there is a small chance of surviving.

Why send gold to Great Britain then?

Do you want to try? There will be no need for a second attempt.

Which Tehran? Tehran was 43 and NATO was formed in 49! Here are Stalin's words. On November 30, 1943, speaking in Tehran at a gala dinner in honor of Churchill's birthday, he made the following toast: “I want to tell you what, from the Russian point of view, the President and the United States did to win the war. The most important things in this war are machines. The United States has proven it can produce between 8000 and 10 aircraft a month. ... Thus, the United States is a land of machines. Without these cars, obtained under Lend-Lease, we would have lost this war. "

Maybe try easy at first? It's a pity to waste it ...

GB - a-ha-ha-ha-ha-aaaaaaaaa !!!!

And you also need to take off and then fly
without being knocked down
Now, if 200 missiles, then this is power, but where does it come from a country that sells everything and buys nothing?

What, Great Britain? There are half of our oligarchs, and even the children of our officials ...

As Stalin said in Tehran, without allies we would have lost this war, no matter how many missiles the United Kingdom has, together NATO is a force, and Russia has no friends, which means there will be no victory.

Will Saxon prevention be enough? The territory of Russia is ten times larger than their swamps, and the Sarmat is just as many times more powerful! In addition, it flies to the target for sure! one hundred%!

Journalistic hype, designed for an ignorant audience (however, there is no other audience). Rockets capable of all this have been on our database since the late 70s (then they were 15A14).

But in reality, how will they fly? Did they test false and warheads? Or maybe they won't fly, real warheads?

While hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of tons of gold from Russia are in the bank accounts of England, they can sleep in peace and troll Russia as soon as they want.

On your head ...

GB, there would be something to inflict :)), only articles write exclusively about how Russia can fragment them to the level of an atoll in the Atlantic. Ukraine also claims that it possessed nuclear weapons, which it deigned to surrender in exchange for guarantees, while keeping silent that not a single "Ukrainian" missile could be launched, not activated without a signal from Moscow, but was only "in safe custody" on the territory of Ukraine. Likewise, the "British nuclear forces" under the control of Washington. How many ICBM submarines do they have? 5 or 6? Their base is in Scotland, which next year is holding a referendum to withdraw from the UK, which will save it from a Russian nuclear strike

These are horror stories! Why haven't they given up yet? Maybe because someone's families live there and they know that this will never happen?

The British have only one way out, diligently pray day and night that the Russian rocket would not come to visit them.

It's good that it came to them. If it comes ...

that's very good

The British have only one way out, to strike a preemptive strike.