Ulan-Ude Airport


Landfill near Ulan-Ude airport creates the danger to fly

Dump waste near Ulan-Ude Airport threaten flight safety.

The appearance of an unauthorized domestic waste landfill near the airport of Ulan-Ude attracts a large number of birds, which, during the take-off of aircraft, can either damage aircraft or lead to disastrous consequences. According to the information portal Avia.pro, at the moment the prosecutor's office is already conducting an inspection on the fact of organizing an illegal dump, and if those responsible are found, they will face a tremendously large fine.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that the current landfill in less than 15 kilometers from the airport of Ulan-Ude continues to exist, which is not repealed threat to fly the aircraft, however, as it became known, soon it will be eliminated.