Information about Russian Su-35s "leaked" to NATO - head of state corporation detained on charges of treason

In Russia, an adviser to the director general of goscopration was detained on charges of treason - he was leaking secret data about the Russian Su-35.

The FSB of Russia detained the adviser to the general director of the Russian space corporation Roscosmos, Ivan Safronov. The official is accused of high treason and work for the North Atlantic Alliance - as it was found out by the current hour, Safronov passed on secret information about Russian Su-35 fighters, and probably about the latest Russian missile weapons.

“In Moscow, adviser to the general director of Roskomos, Ivan Safronov, was detained, and he was charged under Art. 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason), RBC was told in the press service of the state corporation. “At the moment, investigative measures are being taken. Roscosmos State Corporation provides all kinds of assistance to the investigating authorities. The detention of Safronov I.I. does not concern current work in the state corporation Roscosmos, the corporation said in a statement- This is reported by the Russian information publication RBC.

It is known that Safronov was repeatedly convicted of disclosing important and secret information, while the FSB did not report on what specific information was disclosed by Safronov, however, they emphasized that he worked for NATO.

“In Moscow, adviser to the Director General of the state corporation Roscosmos, Ivan Safronov, was detained. Safronov, fulfilling the tasks of one of the NATO special services, collected and handed over to its representative information about military-technical cooperation, defense and security of the Russian Federation constituting a state secret. ”, - said in a press release.

It should be clarified that recently, in connection with the emergence of unique weapons in Russia, espionage in favor of NATO has become more frequent, which indicates that the North Atlantic Alliance is very concerned about Russian weapons that cannot be defended.

Personally, did I sell? And what did DARPA personally tell you whose technology they have? Buran technology was used at NASA. The vertical take-off engine in the F-35 is used in Lokid Martin, and even then it is 80% with American technology. Sura sold the devil knows to whom. S-300 technologies sold. Ukrainians, too, the hell knows which company. Anyway, this Darpa is not involved in improving purchased technologies, but in developing her own. For example, they created the world's most powerful processor, the speed of which you will not even dream about in a dream. Is this also Soviet technology? In Soviet times, processor technologies were stolen, but not created their own.

Moreover, they rivet according to Western technologies and Western machines. So in the Russian Elbrus processor there is nothing Russian, except for the name. This processor is even tuned to work with the American Linux operating system. RosSMI will not say about this. Russo is a processor with the performance of a calculator. So it’s hard to imagine that this traitor could convey such a secret to NATO. But have they fabricated this case? Anything can happen.

And you probably don’t know that Darpa also has Soviet technologies that you sold for chewing gum.

A long time ago it was time to repeat 1937

Has been caught repeatedly? It turns out that earlier he was forgiven for espionage ???

Yes, at least for civilian purposes. Elbrus riveted in China, well, they do not pull on Russian processors at all.

And he, unfortunately, is far from the first ...

Soon all the bosses and scientists are being transplanted for treason. They haven’t shot yet, but they smell of 37 for a year.

What could be secret in the Su-35 with Soviet technology? News fake for show FSB. Or did this traitor convey everything that fell into his hands without sorting out whether NATO needed this junk? Now, if Russia created the world's most powerful military processor, then yes, then it would be possible to raise a panic. But for now, Russian scientists are up to DARPA technologies as to Mars on foot.