A super-precise hit of the Russian Ataka missile from a distance of 5 kilometers was captured on video

The Ka-52 helicopter hit the target accurately with an Attack missile from a distance of 5 kilometers.

The news agency obtained a unique video showing the shooting of a Ka-52 combat helicopter at a target. The Ataka anti-tank missile launched from a distance of 5 kilometers hit not only the target itself, but actually into the center of the target, deviating literally by a few centimeters, which indicates the high accuracy of Russian weapons.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of hitting the target with an anti-tank missile, while, later, from a specially installed camera, you can see how the missile hits exactly the center of the target - if there were a tank or other armored equipment in its place, it would have been unconditionally destroyed, at that time how the helicopter itself was outside the enemy's engagement zone.

It is reported that in the near future Egypt intends to acquire Russian Attack missiles to equip its Ka-52 attack helicopters, which were previously purchased from Russia, which were able to successfully establish themselves in the territory of Syria, where, by the way, these combat machines are actively used to this day, carrying out the fight against illegal armed groups.

What animation? This is the real operator display of the Ka-52 weaponry

Well, if this is super accurate: + - 0.5-0.7 m, then what is it just exactly? :)

Is it weak without animation?