The supersonic fighter-bomber Su-22 swept three meters above the ground like a rocket. Video

The Su-22 fighter bomber nearly plowed the runway of a military air base.

A video appeared at the disposal of, which shows the flight of a supersonic Su-22 fighter-bomber, only 3 meters above the surface of the earth. The combat aircraft, still actively used by the largest armies in the world, literally flashed like a rocket, almost knocking down a soldier who watched it pass on the "ultra-small", which caused incredible admiration of the audience.

On the presented video frames you can see how a combat vehicle developed by Soviet geniuses back in the late 60s of the last century, and produced before 1990, at incredible speed, passes several meters above the ground, leaving only the sound of a jet engine and almost knocking down a gape serviceman. Shots were made on the territory of Libya, where these combat vehicles are still able to repulse the enemy and remain less vulnerable to their air defense systems.

Today, around 150 Su-22 combat aircraft are still in operation in the world, while Libya and Syria are the main operators of these machines, capable of accelerating to an incredible speed of 2,1 MAX, which is not even possible for much more modern combat vehicles.

Judging by the photo, this is a MIG-21