Aircraft destroyed


MiG-25 supersonic fighter destroyed by unknown rocket hit

At the Misrat air base, the MiG-25 supersonic fighter is destroyed.

A few hours ago, satellite images of a military base in Misrata appeared, showing a MiG-25 supersonic fighter destroyed by a missile. According to preliminary data, a supersonic fighter was hit by a missile launched by an unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to a number of sources, the LNA forces did indeed use unmanned aerial vehicles, and according to preliminary information, they are talking about the Wing Loon II drones for striking at Misrat air base, while several destroyed planes were reported, which, most likely, turned out to be supersonic fighter MiG-25.

It is noteworthy that in the satellite image you can see another mysterious object that was destroyed on September 14 - according to some reports, we can talk about the next transport aircraft, including one of the Il-76 that Turkey had previously used for delivery weapons and ammunition to the forces of the Government of National Unity, however, there are no official comments on this subject from the PNE so far, but a huge fire mark indicates that this is a large aircraft.

Everything shot down is at the airport without falling off planes and with hanging missiles.

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