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Over XNUMX Taliban terrorists trapped by resistance forces and killed

The Taliban suffered the largest losses in the entire history of the terrorist movement.

The terrorists of the Taliban (banned on the territory of Russia - ed.), Who do not abandon their attempts to take control of the territory of the Afghan province of Panjshir, have suffered the largest losses during the entire existence of the terrorist movement. Thus, according to the information and news agency Avia.pro, a large group of militants, numbering from 800 to 1200 terrorists, fell into the trap of the resistance forces, being cut off from another large Taliban group. As a result, the militia forces destroyed the terrorists in just half an hour, inflicting the largest casualties on the latter. Part of the militants managed to escape from the scene of the collision and this surrender was captured on video.



According to the data presented, to date, Taliban terrorists have suffered the largest losses in just a day during the entire existence of the terrorist movement, since over the past 24 hours, the resistance forces in Panjshir have eliminated more than 1,5 thousand militants, and the total losses of terrorists during capture of Kabul has already exceeded the mark of 6 thousand people. This amounts to almost 7-8% of the total number of Taliban fighters.



The leaders of the terrorist movement have not yet commented on their serious losses in Panjshir. Obviously, there will be no statements on this score, since a day ago the leadership of the militants announced the alleged complete takeover of Panjshir.

As for the trap itself, into which the terrorists were lured, according to representatives of the Northern Alliance forces, after a large group of terrorists entered the Panjshir Gorge, access to the rest of the forces was cut off by a powerful directed explosion of a part of the group. The militants who were in the ambush were destroyed from various weapons, and the resistance forces promised to demonstrate the consequences of the liquidation of the Taliban militants within the next XNUMX hours.

Storytellers, once read an American history book describing the Battle of Midway. So there the Americans (according to the book) knocked down the Japanese in batches. I figured Japan lost half of its air force. This is what I mean, the Americans have taught stories to tell. If so, then, according to their stories, they will soon be in Kabul.

Very contradictory news, some talk about their victory, others about theirs, who to believe.



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