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"Syrian Arab Army News": Israeli F-15s were covered from Syrian Buks by Russian military aircraft

In Syria, they told why they did not destroy Israeli fighters during the attack in the area of ​​the Khmeimim airbase.

A few days ago, Israeli fighters, as it turned out we are talking about F-15 fighters, launched another series of missile strikes on Syrian territory, some of which were carried out in threatening danger from the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" located in the Syrian province of Latakia. As it turned out, during their attack, Israeli combat aircraft were covered by a Russian military aircraft, which was at that time in the area of ​​a Russian military airfield, in connection with which the Syrian air defense systems received a ban on opening fire.

“The attack lasted from 10 to 15 minutes, and the Syrian air defense forces fired several missiles and succeeded in intercepting a number of enemy targets, but the work of the air defense facilities was clearly limited, especially in this area of ​​Syria due to the measures taken after the crash of the Russian Il-20 plane. in 2018 "the columnist for the Syrian Arab Army News reports.

Experts believe that it was precisely because of such actions of the Israeli military that Netanyahu decided to make a call to Vladimir Putin, obviously realizing that in this way the agreements with Moscow to de-escalate the situation in Syria were violated.