"Syrian Military Capabilities": MiG-29 handed over by Russia daily carry out mysterious flights to Libya

The MiG-29 fighters seen in the sky over Libya really turned out to be Russian.

According to information provided by an informed Syrian source, the Russian MiG-29 fighters transferred to the Syrian Air Force several days ago carry out mysterious flights to Libya every day. In fact, we are probably talking about MiG-29 fighters, previously seen by the American military off the coast of Libya, although taking into account the transfer of these combat aircraft to the armament of the SAR Air Force, any accusations against Russia are now completely groundless.

“Syria has received several shipments of weapons from Russia, including a number of MiG-29s. In compensation for what was lost during the war in Syria, and to maintain a balance of power in a war-torn country. Several MiG-29s make daily rotation from / to North Africa / Syria ”- reports “Syrian MC” (“Syrian Military Capabilities”).

The reasons for such mysterious flights to Libya remain unknown, however, experts pay attention to one very important feature - conventional MiG-29 fighters are unlikely to be able to get from Syria to Libya, and therefore, the video presented by the US military is quite clearly captured MiG-29SMT fighter, namely these combat vehicles were transferred to the Syrian military from the Russian Air Force.