Surprise for Israeli F-16s: Iran has deployed Khordad-3 air defense systems in Syria - the first enemy has already been shot down

Iran has nevertheless deployed its air defense systems in Syria.

The source of the news agency provided satellite images showing at least three Iranian-made Khordad-3 anti-aircraft missile systems on the Syrian-Lebanese border, from where most of the Israeli F-16 attacks are made. The effective range of destruction of targets of the latter is from 75 to 105 kilometers, which is enough to defeat Israeli fighters in the event of new attacks on Syria.

It is known that the Iranian air defense systems "Khordad" are located near the Lebanese border, which allows these air defense systems to hit hostile targets over the entire territory of Lebanon. The complexes, according to some reports, could have been airlifted here by Iranian military aircraft that had previously landed at the Khmeimim airbase, and, interestingly, the Israeli military has not attempted attacks against Syria for over a month, which obviously means that the IDF aware of the current situation.

It should be clarified that the appearance of Iranian air defense systems in this region of Syria was quite a surprise, and if initially there were assumptions that we were talking about Soviet-made "Cube" complexes, then later it turned out that the Syrian army has everything only a few of these air defense systems, which are located near Damascus.

Official Tehran previously announced its intentions to transfer its own air defense systems to Syria, since Russian complexes do not ensure the security of the Iranian military, while it is possible that Iranian BAVAR-373 air defense systems will appear in Syria.

Earlier, thanks to the capabilities of the air defense system "Khordad-3" Iran was able to destroy the American strategic drone MQ-4.