Tanks in Syria


Surprise for terrorists: Russia transferred more than 40 tanks to the Syrian army. Photo

More than 40 tanks will appear in service with the Syrian army.

The Syrian army is preparing one of the largest offensive operations in the north of the Arab Republic. This is evidenced by dozens of tanks and military trucks that were delivered to Tartus by Russian ships.

In the satellite image presented, you can see that a large platform was allocated specifically for the deployment of military equipment in the port of Tartus, while specialists managed to count the 41 tank, as well as many trucks and special equipment.

Judging by the satellite image, we are talking about the T-62 tanks, although there is no official confirmation of this fact. Given the fact that the armored vehicles were delivered to Syria in September, it is logical to assume that a large-scale offensive operation on Idlib was being prepared, however, it could have been frustrated due to the Turkish invasion of Syria.

On the other hand, over the past few days, the Russian air forces have carried out fierce air strikes all over Idlib, and the Syrian government forces have literally ironed the positions of terrorists by artillery, which may indicate preparations for the start of a military operation, especially since a significant part of the terrorists were deployed Northern part of the Arab Republic.