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Russia did not help: Italy criticized Russian aid in the fight against coronavirus

Russian aid to Italy turned out to be "absolutely useless or of little use."

Despite the fact that Russia became the first country in the world to respond to an appeal for help from Italy, Rome harshly criticized the Russian military, who brought medical, laboratory and special equipment to Italy, as well as specialists. Italy expressed open categorical discontent, in fact, ridiculed Russia for "absolutely useless or of little use" help.

“High-ranking political sources said that“ 80% of Russian supplies are completely useless or of little use to Italy. In a word, this is nothing more than an excuse. Unlike, say, Chinese supplies (consisting mainly of mechanical ventilation apparatus for masks and masks), Russian supplies were with equipment for bacteriological disinfection of territories, a field laboratory for sterilization and chemical and bacteriological prophylaxis, and equipment of a similar type. Hundreds of experts sent from Moscow are military doctors, and the entire operation is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and not the Ministry of Health. These include generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels, and majors who have been involved in military operations in the past, from Guinea to Africa, in which the bacteriological warfare has become one with Russian foreign intelligence operations. Sergey Kikot, senior general, head of mission, is an anthrax expert. Colonel Gennady Eremin is an expert in bacteriological warfare and has worked in the fight against swine plague. ”- сообщает Italian edition of La Stampa.

It is noteworthy that, after the first consignments of aid from Russia arrived in Italy, Italy did indeed turn to the United States for help, which can obviously indicate the fact that Rome is really dissatisfied with the actions of Russia.