Afghan Air Force


The Taliban managed to capture 40 planes and helicopters of the Afghan Air Force unharmed - this is more than the entire Baltic

The Taliban now have their own air force.

According to the US military reports, during the seizure of power in the country, members of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Managed to capture 40 aircraft previously in service with the Afghan Air Force. We are talking only about those airplanes and helicopters that can take off, not to mention equipment that can be repaired.

At the moment, it is known that the Taliban are armed with at least 6 light attack aircraft A-29 Tucano, two unidentified military transport aircraft, two light aircraft Cessna 182T, four aircraft Cessna 208B, three light aircraft Pilatus PC-12NG, at least five Mi-17 helicopters, four Mi-35 helicopters, eight MD-530F helicopters and six UH-60 helicopters. We are talking only about the equipment that is in good working order and its presence among the Taliban is documented.

In other words, today the Taliban own more military aircraft and helicopters than a number of European states. In particular, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia combined have less military aircraft than the Taliban who replaced power in Afghanistan.

Previously, the Taliban could not use military equipment simply due to the lack of pilots. With the transition of the Afghan Air Force officers to the side of the terrorists, the militants received very broad opportunities.

In Kandahar, there were almost brand new UH-60 Black Hawk



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