Taliban attacked American troops at Kabul airport

In response to US provocations, the Taliban attacked US troops.

After the Taliban successfully entered Kabul, the United States made another attempt to seize the initiative and, according to some reports, carried out at least two air strikes against the Taliban using a drone. In response to such US actions, the Taliban launched a massive attack on US troops stationed at Kabul International Airport, allegedly firing one missile.

It is known that the Taliban allowed the American military to leave Afghanistan without hindrance for 72 hours. US forces apparently decided to aggravate the situation and attacked the jihadists, in response to which they were heavily attacked by the Taliban.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether there are casualties among the American military. The US Embassy in Afghanistan, which is now located on the territory of the Kabul airport, reports the shelling of the air harbor by unknown persons and confirms the data on at least one explosion that occurred. By the current hour, the Taliban have occupied almost the entire territory of the Afghan capital. This implies the fact that if the situation repeats, the militants will simply destroy American troops.

Stop lying then, no one attacked anyone at the airport, the amers must leave before September 11

The Taliban did not strengthen, but was created by the United States to oppose the government of Afghanistan (Najibullah), which remained after the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1989.

As well as the second. Hitler * conquered everyone *. Although it was the conquered who helped everyone. Is it not with their presence that the Taliban have grown stronger?

And it would be nice if the Taliban poured pepper under the tail of the American troops in the end, although, from a tactical point of view, this is not worth doing.



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