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Taliban attacked a NATO plane, shooting it with anti-aircraft guns

They tried to shoot down a NATO military plane over the Kabul airport.

The Taliban terrorists (banned in Russia - ed.) Tried to shoot down a military transport aircraft that was carrying out the evacuation in the sky over the Kabul International Airport. According to the information available to the news agency, we are talking about a military aircraft of the Italian Air Force. At the same time, the aircraft was not shot down only by a miracle.

By the current hour, it is known that the Taliban opened fire on the Italian evacuation board with both small arms and large-caliber machine guns (it was previously reported that the terrorists had placed anti-aircraft guns near the Kabul airport - ed.). At the same time, at least 20 hits were found in the aircraft fuselage, which could well have caused the crash of the Italian military board.

It is known that no one was injured as a result of the shelling of the evacuation side. Given the fact that terrorists have violated existing agreements, NATO may conduct a series of punitive raids against the Taliban.

“Trusting the Taliban was initially very stupid. These are terrorists and they should be fought with, not negotiated. It cannot be ruled out that a Russian plane might have ended up in the place of the Italian side ", - the expert marks.

I cannot understand what is the reason for the rejection of my comments that quite smart sit and make decisions

it's not time then you'll see never say never

Mr. Rosenbaum has a song about the "Black Tulip" shot down over Bagram. What shot down our plane then? American "Stinger". Now they will not find the Strela-2 MANPADS and we will see on the air how the rocket hits the plane and people die.

I feel like it's the American Taliban

It was rightly said that you shouldn't go to other countries with your own "charter"! By the way, inside those who have almost seized power in Afghanistan there is a bunch of all sorts of groups that have their own ideas about who and how to negotiate with and what to do with it!

The Taliban fired on an Italian plane, or to be more precise, on a NATO plane. And this for them is the same as the American one, because not only Americans fought in Afghanistan, but also NATO in full force, as well as its henchmen like Georgia and Ukraine. Russia in the understanding of the whole world is an enemy of the USA and NATO, that is why, proceeding from the eternal "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," the Taliban most likely will not shoot at Russian planes.

... The Taliban will never deceive Putin - that's the point, not fake news ...

By the way, it was piloted by a female pilot.



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