Nuclear weapons Pakistan


Taliban intend to obtain nuclear weapons in Pakistan

The Taliban will receive nuclear weapons and radioactive materials from Pakistan.

The seizure of the territory of Afghanistan by the Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - editor's note) may lead to the fact that the militants will also seize part of the territory of Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons. According to the American side, the likelihood that terrorists will be able to obtain nuclear weapons is quite high, moreover, the Taliban can take possession of radioactive substances to create a so-called "dirty bomb". Information on this matter was announced by the former adviser to the President of the United States for national security John Bolton.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton criticized President Biden's negligence with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and said that this could lead to the Taliban getting nuclear weapons. "The Taliban in control of Afghanistan are threatening terrorists to take over Pakistan ... this means that perhaps 150 nuclear weapons will end up in terrorist hands," Bolton told John Katsimatidis in an interview with WABC 770 on Sunday.- сообщает American edition of "New York Post".

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that al-Qaeda terrorists are already present on the territory of the same Pakistan (a terrorist organization banned in Russia - editor's note). So far, the militants do not possess nuclear weapons. Moreover, it is known about the rather close cooperation of the Taliban with Pakistan, since it was the Pakistani aviation that helped the Taliban capture Panjer.

If the Taliban seize at least even radioactive materials in Pakistan, not to mention nuclear weapons, then considering them
"frostbite", against the leadership of the Taliban and the armed formations of the Taliban, it is permissible to use ANY, the most frightening types of modern weapons.

It is necessary to do something with Pakistan, it is sinking deeper and deeper into the negative ...

Bolton is completely out of his mind: for the Taliban to capture Pakistan, the sky needs to fall to the ground (as they say in the East).