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Taliban will hand over captured American weapons to Russia for study

American weapons and equipment captured in Afghanistan will be transferred to Russia for study.

The Russian military can obtain unique information about American weapons and equipment that are currently at the disposal of members of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.).

As follows from the statement made by the former US President Donald Trump, the American weapons and equipment that were captured by the Taliban previously put into service with the Afghan army will now be transferred to Russia, and probably to China, and although we are not talking about unique weapons, the study of American technologies can give Russia an impetus to develop new countermeasures.

“Billions, billions of dollars. The newest Black Hawk helicopters, which will now be studied by Russia and China, and anyone else, because this is the best technology in the world "- said the ex-president of the United States.

The Russian side has not yet commented on Donald Trump's statement. Experts believe that Trump is only waging an information war against Biden.

“It’s logical to ask Trump why“ the world's best technology ”simply could not contain the barefoot Taliban, and the almost fourfold superiority of the Afghan army turned out to be just a“ paper tiger ”? Such technologies, of course, may be of interest to Russia, but there is no real interest in this ", - the expert marks.


It (this weapon) yesaaaaaaaaaaa has already been disassembled, studied and reassembled and it is dear somewhere in the hangar :)

Well, of course, if you listen to their president, they have the best in the world. Only for this reason, their best tanks are burning from our RPG = 7, as much as 61 years of production, the best invisible plane, a Lockheed F-117 stealth fighter was shot down in Yugoslavia and was shot down by a third-generation Soviet air defense missile. Well, of course, yes, for nighttime fairy tales for American children, of course the best thing in the USA.

which falls almost every day))

It will come in handy on the farm. ))))

Well, yes, the Taliban went and fought with the Soyetsky Kalash, and won a victory against the cool and modern American technology. So there is no reception against the Russian scrap.

Only they will not "transfer", but "sell" samples of weapons to Russia, for decent money.
Is this game worth the candle for the Russian military-industrial complex, the question is.
And it is also imprudent to radically spoil relations between Afghanistan and the former breadwinner - the United States.
So wait and see.

Well, in the conflict in Georgia, Russia got hold of hummers and now it will also receive the latest helicopters, not to mention various types of weapons

Russia already has the best technology in the world ...

Let the Americans calm down, we will gently disassemble their technique, let's see and work in our interests and use it against them

For the sake of peace, you need to talk, at least with someone. East is a delicate matter. No one forces you to believe in a word. But you need to negotiate. for more than 50 years there is no order in the country, the level of carelessness is very high. Peace and order, and there will be an economy.


UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter lands in the field of Uzbekistan

Taliban politeness will soon spread

Correctly and why do oborigens do such a technique - you can change it for something - No matter how old they are, you can still study something and make an antidote

The newest helicopter developed in the 70s of the last century

only if there is where to put it in the museum, and the Taliban themselves will pay extra for these black hawk, if only they took

On the thief and the hat is on fire. More Chinese are stealing around the world.

The Taliban have proved once again that if "the idea has taken over the masses," no technique will help.

why do we need this ... when our weapons are superior to those of the West anyway ... China, but they love to copy everything ...

Black Hawk ...
Novye 1977)))

Will sell for bucks if our military and diplomats ask well