Ambush the Taliban


Taliban ambushed by Northern Alliance militia

Another group of Taliban militants was ambushed by the Panjshir resistance forces and were eliminated.

A new attempt by the Taliban militants (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) To gain control over the region in which the Afghan resistance forces are currently located, again led to serious losses among terrorists. Thus, on one of the highways leading to Panjshir, a convoy of Taliban armored vehicles was destroyed, although the Taliban leadership has been reporting for about a day that the militants are in control of this territory and that the forces of the Northern Alliance are completely defeated.

The video footage shows how the resistance forces prepared an ambush for the Taliban terrorists and destroyed a convoy of armored vehicles, which consisted of the American International MaxxPro and M117 armored vehicles captured by the Taliban. According to preliminary data, the group of militants included up to a hundred people and most of the terrorists were destroyed, however, several militants were captured by the resistance forces.

At the moment, the Taliban not only cannot break into the uncontrolled region of Afghanistan, but are already losing control over their own territory. In particular, this morning it was reported that during the fighting, the resistance forces, which are the combined forces of the former Afghan army and volunteer militias, managed to liberate four more regions, forcing the Taliban to retreat under powerful blows.


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