Taliban tried to break into Kabul airport and were destroyed by the US military

The US military killed four Taliban terrorists who tried to get into the Kabul airport.

A few hours ago, the US military, guarding the perimeter of the Kabul International Airport, opened fire on a group of nearly two dozen Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.). As a result, at least four terrorists were killed on the spot, and several more militants were injured and were evacuated by other jihadists.

It is reported that the terrorists ignored warnings about the inadmissibility of entering the territory of the Kabul International Airport. As a result, fire was opened on the militants to kill. The Taliban leadership has already accused the United States of violating existing conditions and threatened with a serious response, in connection with which the Pentagon announced the maximum level of threat for evacuation flights departing and landing in Kabul.

To date, this is the first clash between the Taliban and US troops in the past two weeks. At the same time, experts fear that terrorists may attack the Kabul International Airport, which will result not only in casualties among the military, but also among civilians in a hurry to leave Afghanistan.

Experts do not exclude that if the Taliban try to attack the American military, the United States may launch a series of air strikes on large Taliban detachments, destroying up to several thousand terrorists in one such raid.

Right now? Can't he wait a little longer? The usual Russian bragging!

Another fake

Those. US wants to go Vietnam route - carpet bombing? Why did they ... have mercy before? And now a pair of "Shilka" will simply lock the Kabul airport and no one will fly from there at all.