The Taliban gave the Americans a very strange new condition for their safe evacuation

The Taliban have put forward new conditions for the US military to stay safely at the Kabul International Airport.

Against the background of the massacre staged by the American military, who mistakenly assumed that the Taliban were trying to storm the air harbor, as a result of which fire was opened on civilians, members of the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Put forward new conditions to the United States further safe stay of American troops and diplomats at the Kabul airport: either the American military and diplomats will immediately put things in order in the air harbor by organizing the safe stay of citizens and their evacuation, or the Taliban will intervene in the situation.

At the moment, the leaders of the Taliban terrorist movement have expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the US military, which were allowed to leave Afghanistan without hindrance within 72 hours. As follows from the statement made by the Taliban, because of the actions of the United States, there are killed and injured civilians, and if the American military does not take action to relieve tension at the airport, the Taliban will independently establish control over the air harbor. The American forces were given 24 hours to do this.

It should be noted that the United States is obstructing actions to evacuate civilians. In particular, by the current hour it is known that the passenger flight of Air India was prohibited from landing at the airport to evacuate civilians. At the same time, the American side did not make any explanations on this score.



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