Taliban movement


The Taliban have delivered a tough ultimatum to all foreign troops - to leave Afghanistan by August 31, or they will be attacked

The "peaceful" Taliban said they were giving foreign troops one last chance to leave Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that earlier the leadership of the Taliban movement (a terrorist movement whose activities are prohibited in Russia - ed.) Allowed foreign military to evacuate from Afghanistan before September 11, it became known that a few hours ago this decision was replaced by a harsh one. ultimatum: foreign military ordered to urgently leave the territory of Afghanistan before August 31. Otherwise, there will be very serious consequences.

Initially, the announcement was intended to apply exclusively to the US military. It became known that this applies to the entire foreign military contingent, which, according to the Taliban, is in the territory of the state illegally. The new ultimatum, apparently, is associated with sharp criticism of the Taliban, who began to act against civilians and threaten to destroy the forces of the Northern Alliance.

At the moment, the American side has not commented on the statement of members of the Taliban movement, however, experts believe that the United States will try to adhere to the previously established conditions. At the same time, the number of American troops may be further increased to ensure security at the Kabul International Airport, which could escalate into large-scale clashes.

"Peaceful" Taliban PUT.USLOVIE.USA.
That's all...

Then the beautiful B-52Ns will arrive and will flock to Afghanistan in the Stone Age ...

I think that the ultimatum followed the actions and statements of Akhmat Massoud, who asked the West for weapons and other military means and stated that he would not lay down arms and would defend Pansher by all means and means, in this regard, I feel sorry for the Ukrainians and Georgians who were stuck in Afghanistan.



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